09.05.2007: Version 0.424

  • - Bugfixing and minor optimizations in MiniView

26.04.2007: Version 0.423

  • new PeerManager to monitor new connects/disconnects and connection errors
  • enhanced MinView by a container to display multiple peers
  • further enhancements of MinView by modularizing and colouring it's elements
  • minor additions to the Peer class

22.04.2007: Version 0.422

  • new category management for plugins
  • added (yet unused) possibility to retrieve the peer's log as well as network and peer-load pictures
  • added german translation for settings and connect-dialog
  • reworked FileShare plugin partly
  • bugfixes, code cleanup and some refactoring resulting in a faster startup

19.01.2007: Version 0.42

  • first public release